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Sync watching

A "game" of sorts, created one dark, drab Saturday night. Chatting on-line one day with a froemd, somehow we got to the point where we both whipped out our RHPS DVDs and watched them at the same time; despite being in different time zones (hah hah hah ). Whilst watching the film we chatted on, as usual, typing AP lines, opinions of the film and performers, et cetera. This became somewhat of a ritual, and we frequently sync-watch RHPS.

HOWEVER, watching RHPS (and other films) in sync by our little old selves (she's little, I'm old) lacks a certain ... je ne sais quoi. Ergo, I'm inviting you to join us!

What do you need to sync-watch?
1) An Internet connection (most obviously), with messenger; hotmail, yahoo, et cetera.
2) A copy of RHPS, or any other film that each person (of the group) owns (say, if you all have Harry Potter, you can all watch that; group's choice). BTW, DVD is preferred. Video is okay - if you have your TV right next to your computer
3) An open mind; some people have different likes from you, you know! Someone may like something you don't about the film or the actors in it, but if you're going to banter, keep it civil!
4) Patience; sometimes computers glitch and make you ahead/behind the others (in the group). The best thing to do (if it gets too far out of sync) is to get everyone to pause at a certain point and all press play when everyone's ready.

If you are interested in sync-watching amd talking to other rocky fans come check out this forum http://aussierockycast.proboards57.com/index.cgi
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