Byron (zenin4711) wrote in rhps_org,

RHPS at the Hollywood Bowl - September 5th!!!

The Hollywood Bowl and Midnight Insanity will be presenting the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the world famous Hollywood Bowl September 5th! (yes...a a little). This show is going to be insane...I'm told they've already sold 3500 seats and we're still a few weeks away. Louis XIV will be opening at 6pm, RHPS at 7:30.

Details and ticket info can be found here. If you haven't been to the Bowl, it's a great place to make a day of. Food, Bowl museum, freaks walking around in daylight.

Mark Tomaino's original announcement to a.c-m.r-h can be seen here

UPDATE: Jane Wiedlin (from the Go-Go's) will be doing preshow!

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